New ISO 14155 2020 Key Changes for your Trial


This recorded video-lecture by Dr. Monica Tocchi, who contributed to the development of international standard ISO 14155 for clinical trials. This introductory course describes the key changes that affect pre-market studies and post-market trials for medical devices.

  • Course Type: Video Lessons
  • Language: English
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Session: year 2020
  • Time: 1 - 3 Hours
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Course Breakdown

Section Time
Introduction 00:00:25
Why learn about this standard 00:02:30
Technical Committee 00:01:57
Innovation in 2020 edition 00:03:03
Key Changes 00:03:31
Impact on Industry 00:04:21

Exam and Certifications

  • Final Test – New ISO 14155 2020 Key Changes for your Trial
  • Certification


What I will learn?

What are the innovations in medical device trials?

What I will learn?

Key changes introduced in ISO 14155 2020
What is the impact on industry and effect on your job?

Skills I will gain

  • Become familiar with structure and topics covered by ISO 14155 2020
  • Get an understanding of the changes introduced in ISO 14155 2020 compared to ISO 14155 2011
  • Learn how to plan, conduct and close a clinical trial according to ISO 14155 2020


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