How to Prepare for a U.S. Medical Device Clinical Trial


This exclusive educational event is reserved to selected Meditrial customers and Meditrial’s staff. With COVID 19, medical device companies are facing increasing complexity to conduct their clinical trials in the US.

  • Course Type: Webinar Replay
  • Language: English
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Session: year 2021
  • Special: FREE!
  • Time: 1 - 3 Hours

Course Breakdown

Section Time
Speakers Introduction 00:03:57
How To Prepare For Clinical Trials 00:28:18
Medicare Coverage Essentials 00:14:14
Questions & Answers 00:06:25
Closing Remarks 00:10:13

Exam and Certifications

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What I will learn?

Join Vicki Bebeau, renowned clinical strategist and industry expert, to talk about what to expect and how to prepare. Jim Harmon, US reimbursement specialist, will join the panel, to address the key topic of US reimbursement for category A or B IDE trials.


  • Vicki Bebeau
    Clinical Strategist and Industry Expert
  • Jim Harmon
    Head of Market Access & Reimbursement
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